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Protect your business and meet your cyber insurance policy requirements with managed security services from BT Mack.

Maximum Efficiency

Our managed security experts work day in, day out to keep businesses like yours safe, and we’ve developed tried-and-true methods to do just that. Hiring and training your own security team is expensive, unwieldy, and inefficient. Quickly get up and running with a dedicated, outsourced security fleet, so you can stay focused on growth.

Manage Costs

In-house security teams mean new hires, onboarding, benefits – all prohibitively costly. With managed security services, you can simply take advantage of infrastructure and personnel already in place, leaving out the high cost of building a team from scratch. This means a better ROI and a quicker ramp up. You’ll get all the expertise with half the cost.

Rapid Response

Cyber threats exist 24/7, and if an attacker gets through, you need the quickest response possible. Don’t make your IT team lose sleep when there’s a problem. Instead, let our managed security teams monitor your systems constantly and respond instantly to any threat that makes it through the gates.

Meet Your Cyber Insurance Policy Requirements

BT Mack can help your business become more resilient – and ensure you are meeting all the requirements of your cyber insurance policy if the worst does happen.

What You Get From BT Mack


Advanced Security

Our managed security team is composed of seasoned experts. Our comprehensive, multi-layered approach to cyber security means you’re better protected than even your in-house team could ensure – all while reducing costs.


Security Updates Management

Threats evolve, and so do we. We continually apply patches and fixes to vulnerable code and watch for changes in the threat landscape. When the bad guys make a change, we know and we adjust.


Managed Detection and Response

Endpoint detection, up-to-date response technology, and expert personnel combine to deliver the best and most affordable managed detection and response solution on the planet.


IoT Security

IoT technology is rapidly growing. Keep your IoT devices secure from vulnerability with our expert support.


Complete Visibility

We stay ahead of all threats whether on-site, in the cloud, or at any endpoint in the world with remote monitoring and management software. While we’re at it, we can give you data on the health and performance of devices across the network – in real time.

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