IT Infrastructure Support for Travel Plazas

Get modern solutions for dated technology.

Support and Services to Keep America Moving

Truck stops and travel plazas provide Americans a great service. Whether it’s affordable gasoline or just giving drivers a place to rest and refuel during a long trip, travel plazas are essential for those on the road.

Rather than simply layering enhancements on technology that’s no longer current, we’ll review your current IT infrastructure to accurately assess what you’re spending and the level of service you’re receiving. Then we’ll work with our partners to find you more cost-effective, efficient and modern ways to serve your customers through better security cameras, WIFI, phones, etc. — saving you money that you can put right back into your business. This approach is a big reason why we are the only IT provider for NATSO (National Association of Truck Stop Owners) who is also a vendor member.

Travel plazas and truck stops that drive toward BT Mack for support of their IT infrastructure receive:

  • Access to current technology
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased savings
  • More efficient and effective ways to serve customers

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